5 Bedroom Colors That'll Make You Wake Up Happier

Discover five vibrant bedroom colors that are sure to brighten your mood and start your day with a smile.

5 Bedroom Colors That'll Make You Wake Up Happier

5 Bedroom Colors That Will Make You Wake Up Happier

Welcome, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed readers, to your unofficial guide on how to turn that bedroom of yours into a vibrant cocoon of joy! Before we dive in, let me paint you a picture. You wake up in the morning feeling like you scraped your energy from the bottom of a stale cereal box. Not fun, right? So here's a wild idea: what if I told you that the color of your bedroom walls could be the wake-up call you never knew you needed?

That's right, folks! Science and interior designers agree: the colors that surround us can significantly impact our mood. So strap in and feast your eyes (gingerly, it's still early) on these five bedroom colors that'll not just tickle you pink but also leave you grinning ear to ear as you leap out of bed.

Smiling With Sunshine Yellow

Picture mornings infused with the soft glow of lemon sorbet or the cheeriness of a buttercup. Yellow is the color closest to natural sunlight and is an instant mood booster. It subconsciously reminds us of warm sunny days, which in turn can make you wake up feeling fresher and ready to seize the day like a knight in sunny armor.

And before you worry about your bedroom ending up like a crime scene for a rogue mustard bottle - fear not. We're talking soft, pastel yellows here, the ones that whisper good morning rather than shout it through a megaphone.

Official Reference:

  • Pantone explains that yellow hues often emit a sense of optimism and clarity, perfect for anyone trying to start their day on a bright note.

Go Green for Serenity

Green is the trusty sidekick to blue when it comes to calming hues. Imagine rolling over to see the soft shade of sage or a muted seafoam green on your walls. It's like waking up in a tranquil meadow or a spa, and who wouldn't feel chipper waking up like that every day?

It's not only soothing for the soul but also easy on the eyes—literally—as green is known for reducing eye strain. So, whether you had a good night's sleep or were up staring at every corner of the internet, green's got your back (and your eyes).

Official Reference:

  • Sherwin Williams delves into the soothing power of green, suggesting it can be a cure for morning grogginess.

Blissful Blue Morning Hues

Ah, the classic. Blue has been a go-to bedroom palette for years because of its calming properties. Its association with the sky and sea induces a meditative state, supporting better sleep and, in turn, happier wake-ups.

Soft blues recall the gentle morning sky, and deeper navy tones can envelop you in a sense of comfort. Don't worry about feeling the blues when you wake up in a room inspired by the horizon—unless we're talking about a serene, "life-is-good" kind of blue.

Official Reference:

  • The Sleep Foundation notes that softer, cooler colors like blues can aid in sleep quality, leading to a more delightful morning.

Warming Up with Coral Hues

If you’re looking for something that screams “rise and shine, beautiful people”, then a coral-painted bedroom might just be your calling. It's like inviting the energy and vibrancy of a beach vacation into your life every day. Warm tones like coral are uplifting and surrounding yourself with the vacation vibes can help you wake up feeling renewed and ready to rock 'n roll.

Plus, coral has enough of a pinkish touch to give you that nurturing, comforting embrace, balancing out the boldness with a caress of soft warmth.

Official Reference:

  • According to Better Homes & Gardens, coral hues can create a sense of warmth and energy, which can help start your day on a positive note.

Lively Lavender

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk some sweet scents—well, sort of. Lavender the plant is known for its calming properties, and the color lavender is not far behind in sleeping quarters. It combines the restfulness of blue with a dash of energetic red, creating a balanced atmosphere that's perfect for waking up with zest.

Lavender shades can help clear the mind and invite a little pep into your morning step without overwhelming the senses. Also, it's like waking up in a field of flowers every day (minus the allergies).

Official Reference:

  • Benjamin Moore showcases a variety of purples and explains how lavender hues can create a serene yet uplifting bedroom environment.

So there you have it, folks! Five colors that can make a difference in your sunrise salutations. But before you break out the overalls and hurl yourself into the nearest paint bucket, remember that a happy bedroom also needs happy furniture. Make sure your bed invites you to slumber-party for one, and your dresser doesn’t glare at you like an old headmaster.

Take these hues as your wallpaper warriors and let them lead you to morning glory. Because it's not just about sleeping tight; it's about waking up right. Put some color in your cheeks and in your bedroom, and get ready to embrace the day with the energy of a thousand coffee cups.

Go forth and color your world happy, sleepers!